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I legally reclaimed my name of birth in My adopters remain my legal parents. My adoptive mother gave my documents to me days after my natural family initiated a reunion. My legal birth certificate does not match my other identity documents. That amended birth certificate would be far worse than the one issued upon my adoption. At least in my adoptive identity was completely separate from my identity of birth. I refuse to take this last step.

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I broke the law. I do not care. New York State is at fault for revoking my birth certificate, sealing it, and replacing it in Obviously, creating yet another amended birth certificate is illogical. I petition the state to restore my revoked birth certificate.

According to current law, this would undo my adoption and dissolve inheritance laws with my adoptive family. By doing so, the state would validate the facts of my life while not vacating my adoption.


Then my brain, and my heart, would not hurt. I hate that phrase. The adoptee, as a newborn or an infant too young to have verbal and mental cognition, experiences the sudden loss of Mother as a terrifying break. This Primal Wound is internalized as the infant cries out for Mother.

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The Primal Wound creates brain damage in certain areas of the brains of infants who are taken at birth from their Mothers. On this basis alone, adoption should be seen as extreme child abuse. With new studies being done, hopefully, it will be, and we will see a stranger movement to end adoption as we know it on a global scale. Be sure to read this blog post and be sure to read the comments for links to scientific studies. Maybe the birth parents had a problem with substance abuse or were young and not ready to parent.

The adoptee still feels unwanted and alone.

Again, it does not matter what the parental circumstances are at the time of birth, the newborn is traumatized by sudden removal of the nurturing mother within whom the infant lived for nine months. The pre-born infant is happy when mother is happy and feels anxiety and distress when she is nervous or angry. These are proven facts. The unborn infant needs mother for sustenance, nutrients in addition to feeling her love , and even receives her bacterial microbiome as she passes through the birth canal during birth.

There is now evidence that the infant and mother exchange body and brain cells. Scientists believe that these cells aid in immune functions. This is dissociating, detaching, and distracting from the primary relationship. This psychological twisting is then passed down to the adoptee who grows up feeling indebted for being saved from a life of hell with unfit parents.

Adoptees sometimes feel that everyone who makes this decision is selfish, while everyone says that they are selfless. Adoption has been warping and changing over the last 9 decades.

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Here is a blog post I wrote about honoring their contributions. Many adoptees understand that many mothers and fathers of adoption loss are not given proper counseling of all options available, and this includes ways to sustain keeping their child. As a social worker, I worked in homeless shelters where our clients where homeless mothers with children or were entire families. This Christian movement is deleterious and demoralizing to the expectant mother and the mother who has just given birth.

Her first and foremost obligation is to the infant she is carrying. Pre-birth adoption plans are immoral and ought to be illegal. It is sad that modern adoption practices, even those that promote and practice open adoption, make it a point and a goal to instill unnatural feelings and beliefs in the minds of pregnant teens and young women. When they do wake up to realize that they were tricked and coerced into giving their babies to strangers, we will see them in the Anti Adoption Movement.

Such baby farms exist so that wealthy gay men, lesbian women, heterosexual couples, or even single men and women can make a baby through buying sperm and eggs via contract and then rent the womb of a poor woman for their selfish motives of making a baby at extreme means for the pleasure of experiencing parenting.

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Only narcissistic, selfish women with too much money to spend would demean themselves to the point of walking around wearing such a t-shirt, let alone actually using a vulnerable young pregnant woman for the sole purpose of taking her baby upon birth. Most unexpectedly pregnant girls and women actually do want to keep their babies and to parent their child. True, there are some mothers who are, indeed, drug addictions, or are involved in crime, or are completely detached to their pre-born infant. I saw a few of these mothers in the homeless shelters I once worked at.

There are addictions and criminal behaviors that warrant the removal of newborns or older children from such parents. Children born to these mothers and raised in foster care in safety carry with them their own birth certificate. They may be raised together with their own siblings. One or two of those siblings may eventually be adopted.

However, the one who ages out of foster care maintains the birth certificate created upon her birth, even when her parents are dead beats, drug addicts, in prison, or do not want to have anything to do with their children. Meanwhile, the siblings who were then adopted are given new names, new birth certificates, and new parents. The siblings are still full-blood siblings but are not legally siblings. How do you know that? Wanting a baby and then using a pregnant girl or young woman to meet your desires is the worst form of anti-woman, anti-feminist beliefs and behavior.

Rich and powerful women should not abuse and use disadvantaged pregnant women to satisfy cravings to be a parent.

The Legacy of Church-run Mother and Baby Homes in Ireland

They resent that, too. Of course adoptees resent the actions of adults who made life-altering choices and made legally-binding contracts over them when they were too young to say no.

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The world is now facing a great uprising. Adoptees are gathering together to not only voice opposition to what was done to them, but to end adoption altogether.

They recognize that they were given opportunities that they might never have had, yet they feel incomplete, never whole. Yes, many adoptees do feel this way. While many adoptees have been raised in economically superior adoptive homes, adoptees are split in half feeling guilty for wanting to know their natural parents and to know why they were not kept.

When the realization sets in as to the truth of baby-selling, baby-trafficking, and that adoption agencies make their living this way, many adoptees are disgusted as to the means they became adopted. For them, the loss is more powerful than the gain. Amey, your next section is about Expectant Parents. I will only say this — that pressuring expectant mothers and fathers into a pre-birth matching contract with adoptive-parent-wanna-bees is just that — unwanted and unhealthy pressure for both the pregnant mother and her unborn child.

Your next section, Amey, is about Birth Parents is actually correct in your assessments of the situation for many natural parents. Adoptive parents are affected by the anti-adoption movement, but I find that they are more often Anti-Open Adoption. Many adoptive parents do not want to know that there is another set of parents who has more than genetic ties to the adoptees in their care. They believe that the adoptee owes them loyalty and elegance. Often times, these types of adoptive parents are very possessive over their adoptees.

Stillbirth: Your Stories

My mother was dying of cancer while pregnant with me. During her 7th month of pregnancy, my father took his wife to the hospital. She was very sick. It was two days after Christmas There they saw me and a cancerous tumor the same size as I was. Two weeks later, in early January , I was born at 8 weeks gestation — two months premature.

My mother died on March 28, , at age My 31 year old father was left with a deceased wife and five children. His parents were old and sick. He was an only child, so he had no family to lean on.