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Living relatives still spell it with the "e". However, Thomas, the middle son, dropped the e, as did John in Eau Claire.

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In some records, Bernard also has the McGough spelling, but all are of the same family. He was a contractor in Lindsay and helped to build at least one of the schools there, which has since been demolished. The same aunt is also the proud owner of a prayer book belonging to the patriarch of our family, Michael. Its' well worn pages were undoubtedly read over and over through the generations. Inside, it says Michael McGeough. I don't know why many of our relatives decided to drop the "e", or it is possible they added it?

Another mystery. In the indexes, and everywhere else in the naturalization documents, the name is McGough. I have continued to use McGough for Michael, the patriarch of the family, because that is the name under which he traveled from Ireland and the name shown by the Canadian census and several other Irish and Canadian records. As Beth Heinrich points out, his name appears in Canadian records both with and without an e.

Thus, I have found it impossible to apply my general rule in these pages, which is to spell the name as the person spelled it in official records. The reference number for all is KW-V Emily township and Ops township are both in Victoria County. Emily township adjoins Ops township to the east. See Victoria County Atlas Maps. For more McGeoughs in the next adjoining township and county to the east, see Robinson Immigration , below. Devereux points out that the adjoining townships of Ops and Emily, and particularly the town of Peterborough, near Lindsay, Ontario, were destinations of the Peter Robinson Irish Emigration , which, in , brought about Irishmen to the Lindsay area, and to the larger area including Peterborough.

She also says: "In , a group of families came from a single neighborhood in South Ulster.

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She does not identify the neighborhood. Peterborough county is immediately east of Victoria county.

See the Map of Ontario Counties. The township of North Monaghan in Peterborough county is immediately north of the township of Emily in Victoria County. The census of Arthur, Wellington North, Ontario, lists Michael Heslan, age 65, born in Ireland, a farmer, Roman Catholic; his wife, Mary Heslan, age 55, born in Ireland, and sex children ranging in age from 30 to Olivet Cemetery on Septembr 5, Her death record gives the date and place of her birth as August 1, , in Canada. Cook County, Illinois, Deaths Index, Barnard McGough, age 15, born in Ireland about , labourer, Catholic.


Bernard McGeough, a widower, died of bronchitis at the stated age of 92 on November 10, , in Lindsay, Ontario, and was buried on November 12, , in St. Mary's Cemetery. Ontario, Canada, Deaths, , on Ancestry. See also the Kennedy Family Tree on Ancestry. John McGough, age 3, born in Ireland about James McGough, age 2, born in Ireland about McGeough, farmer, with his wife, Mary C.

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McGough, born on June 19, , in Ontario. James E. Catherine McGough, age 2, born in Ireland about Church records below indicate James and Catherine were born in There are several inconsistencies between the records. The ages states in the census are the ages at the next birthday. The official census date was January 1, Bride and groom were Roman Catholics. The priest was Michael Stafford. Ontario, Canada, Marriages, on Ancestry.

Catherine Ann Fitsimmons, daughter of Michael McGeough and Rose Halton, a housewife, died of pneumonia and pericarditis at the age of 59 years, 11 months, on May 4, in Lindsay, Ontario. Mary's Cemetery, Ops township. Mary's Convent, Peterboro. The undertaker was M. Tangney, 31 Kent Street West, Lindsay.

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The cause of death was carcinoma of the stomach. McGeough, age 45, born on October 14, , mattress maker, with his wife, Adeline, age 41; daughter Mary A.

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See: Kennedy Family Tree on Ancestry. McGough - Patent. Only one child of Michael and Rosanna Halton McGough is listed by Devereux in her sketchy genealogical table of the family:. Bernard McGeough , born in Ireland in , emigrated to Canada at age 9, and, at age 38, married Lucy Whelan , who was born in Ontario about They had five daughters and one son. Lucy Whelan, wife of Bernard, is shown by Canadian cemetery information as having died at age 79 on September 13, They had five daughters and one son [Lucy McGeough, age 79 years, 6 months, born in Prince Edward county in , daughter of Phillip Whalen and Mary Hoberhir both born in Ireland , married, of Irish heritage, a housewife, living on lots 1 and 2, concession 5, died of apoplexy in Ops township on September 13, The informant was her son, B.

McGeough, of Lindsay. Here is an entry from Victoria Co.

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Rose McGeough : married J. T, O'Connell and "lived in Otanabee, about two miles southwest of Petersborough.

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Devereux pages 90—92 lists nine children and thirty-three grandchildren and many great-grandchildren. Bernard McGeough , born on December 24, , according to the census of Ontario. The family gravestone shows Bernard McGeough , the only son of Bernard and Lucy, who was born on December 24, , and died on January 9, The census of Ops township, Victoria county, Ontario, lists this family: Bernard McGough , age 61, born November 18, , in Ireland, emigrated in almost illegible of Irish origin, Canadian nationality, Roman Catholic, farmer.

Lucy A.


Catherine McGough, age 22, born January 25, Bernard McGough, Jr. Bernard McGeough, a widower, born in Ireland on October 13, , a farmer, died at the age of 92 years, 1 month, on November 10, , in Linday, Ontario. He was buried in St. He had lived in Ontario for 81years. The informant was his son, Bernard McGeough, Jr. Devereux traces title to a piece of land in Ops Township from a purchase by Michael in , through a transfer to his son Bernard Sr.

Bernard died about in Ontario. Mary's Church in the village of Lindsay, township of Ops, Ontario, that are published in Devereux' book, are:. She married Michael Heslin on June 15, Michael Heslin was born in Belfast in and died in Chicago in OneWorldTree on Ancestry. She died in Chicago, Illinois, on September 3, Beth Heinrich is a descendant of Mary McGough.

She had also worked as a cook at logging camps in the woods. At the time of divorce, she and Bartholomew had no living children. In her divorce papers, she says she was 39 years old, which would make the year of her birth , rather than The marriage is listed in the Wisconsin Pre Marriage Index. The records of St. They moved to Chicago.