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Would you like to provide additional feedback to help improve Mass. However, for most people, even if they are relatively concerned about their privacy, a significant amount of information can be found by conducting the right search. The top 4 sites to begin any search are:.

Google is the obvious place to start an online search. Beyond just typing in a name, there are a host of advanced search techniques that one can use. To enhance the power of a search, try the following tips:.

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Having a photo of the person being searched for is useful in case they have a very common name, or if their name appears on many results. The Google image search function can also be useful in this case. Social media can be a treasure trove of information about an individual.

After all, social networks are designed to compel people to voluntarily share information about themselves. The first stop on any social media search should be Facebook.

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One potential way around privacy settings on Facebook is to perform a site-specific Google search on facebook. For example, typing in site:facebook.

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LinkedIn is a more targeted social network as it deals with jobs and careers, but it can be very fruitful for employers. Twitter is a popular but unique social network.

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Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter requires very little personal information from users. The easiest way to do so is to use whitepages.

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