How do i find my windows live id

Is this really the version you are looking for? Kentico 9 documentation is no longer updated. Use the switch in the header to choose your Kentico version. Windows Live ID is a single sign-on service provided and maintained by Microsoft. By integrating Live ID into your website, you can allow site visitors to log in to your website using their Live ID Microsoft Account name and password.

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How To Create Your Windows Live ID

This website uses cookies to better understand and analyze our traffic. Please accept their use for the best experience possible. Learn More Deny Cookies Got it! Non Necessary. This is an non-necessary category. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Any idea what I can do? Even posting this issue on the MS community website is not possible — guess they are swamped with this.. Another -1 to Microsoft in my opinion. Thanks for sharing that link, bloody Microsneaks. I try to close my hotmail account but it takes me to a server error message and to try back later…been trying to close it for two weeks becuase it is sending weird messages and I am starting to look unprofessional.

Called support and they told me there was nothing that anyone could do and I would have to jump through the hoops on their website. Michael Milici.

Microsoft account - Wikipedia

How do I close my account.? Even after updated with anti virus software I notice that my account is being hacked as most of the time i am unable to use the same password. Thank you. I removed your email address from the comment. Sorry friend. You will need to follow the steps in the article to get it deleted. My account has been hacked and my password changed i cant even log on or get any help through contact us to help me.. What a hassle!

I had changed my email address years and years ago and never managed to shut down my old one; until now that is! Also the wait period has changed to 60 days instead of days! I work on a desktop computer running Windows 10 Pro with msn email all day long. I visit with my laptop computer same configuration once or twice a month. Not surprising, my laptop always has a gigantic back up of email I have already read and deleted off my desktop.

Is there a remedy? How do I delete read emails off my desktop and laptop at one and the same time? I was hoping someone could give me an answer as I have searched the Web for days and cannot find what I am looking for. I have an old email account hotmail. I have done this so many times that now it will not let me even try. My question is, even with me trying to and failing to sign in and get into the account, will hotmail still go through the process of deactivating my account after the purposed amount of time? Or will that happen only if I stop trying to access the account.

But remember.. I am failing miserably at signing in at all!!! Now i have forgotten the Skype password and cant log in, and obviously can not sent the password hint to my email address as I had deleted it previously.. I have given up trying to delete a hotmail account. To make any changes at all you need to provide another email to get a code, or a phone number. If those numbers or emails are cancelled already, then there is nothing you can do. I just set up filters to delete all mail until and logged out, said a fond farewell and that was it… Now I need to remember not to log in again for a year, or is it 5 years.

I never changed my password before for the same reason, which seems to be counterproductive to getting people to be more secure…. After 1 year of inactivity, the inbox is emptied completely and stops receiving email unless you log in again. Any OneDrive files are also deleted. After 4 more years 5 total , the entire accounts gets marked for deletion.

How to Sign Up for a Windows Live ID in Windows 7

The deletion process takes 60 days. I just recently closed my outlook account. Can someone still read an email sent from the closed account? When you send someone an email, that email is now in their inbox and their property kinda. You cannot delete those emails.

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So, closing an email account will not delete email in other peoples email inboxes. I have a query that if i deleted my Outlook account once there is any chance that I can retrieve the account back if I want. If you fully delete the account Sophia per the directions in the article, after the 60 day period there is no way to get the account back. My story is different from the others above.

I was attempting to add email accounts to Outlook , but the Microsoft login live, outlook kept popping up.