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Whitepages scours the web on an ongoing basis to find names and information to add to its database.

Addressing a common misconception

They have invested a lot of time and money into this technology and it works extremely well. Phone companies are the most common source of the personal information you can find on the site. They have very large lists of consumers with their name, address, phone numbers, and email addresses all readily available. These are the main pieces of information that Whitepages goes after when creating a new listing for someone, so naturally they take advantage of this.

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Whitepages also looks at other sources when finding their info. Social media sites, third parties, and broadly indexed information on the web are all part of their sources as well. The advantage of this is it makes your Whitepages opt out a little easier since you will be able to identify your listing with more confidence.

This is why opting out of Whitepages is absolutely necessary. Their technology is very efficient when it comes to aggregating information and populating listings, so blocking their sources is not a viable option. The first way that Whitepages uses your basic information is by making it publicly available to anyone who visits the site.

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Not only that, but the information they have on the site is quite accurate. This makes completing the Whitepages opt out process even more important. Large companies like Intuit, Jetblue, and Lego all rely heavily on the Whitepages online database to provide them with tons of information about candidates under consideration for being hired.

How to reverse lookup a phone number on Verizon Wireless for free

Businesses can also use this site to evaluate potential business partners, fact-check credentials, and implement fraud prevention services. It means if someone wants to do a deeper dive on your information other than the basics, Whitepages will do it for them. As a matter of fact, this is now their primary business model.

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While they used to rely heavily on ads, now they try to sell their background check services more aggressively. This new feature is baked in to the existing software. The protect private info section can be found on the lefthand navigation along with all your other tools.

To get started with this method sign up here. Opting out of Whitepages is fairly simple, you just need to follow the steps. They legally have to provide you with the ability to opt out or remove your name and information from Whitepages, so if you hit a dead end you probably just missed a step. Click here to go to Whitepages and search for your full name.

In order to find your listing accurately searching your full name gives you the best chance to find and remove your listing from Whitepages. If there are two that seem the same you can go back and try the other one, just make sure you remember which you clicked on! Click here to go directly to the Whitepages opt out form. It can be difficult to navigate to it from within the website so taking this link guarantees you will be on the right page.

In order to continue with the Whitepages opt out process you will need to make sure you are trying to remove the right listing. Environmental groups have pushed for the opt-in laws because of the large amount of waste the phone books create. In , an estimated 13, tons of phone books were distributed, almost 13 pounds per household, according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Whitepages, which operates the website Whitepages.

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Verizon Asks to End White Pages for All in N.Y. - The New York Times

Instead, they found creative uses for the books, including child booster seats or door stops. However, some telephone companies say they will continue to publish and distribute the white pages, at least for now. Rice-based Benton Communications will continue to deliver white pages directories, general manager Cheryl Scapanski said.

That time has already come for Frontier Communications, which has had a waiver in Minnesota since White pages on the way out? Not so fast Kirsti Marohn St. Cloud Minn. A recent Minnesota rule change allows phone companies to decide if they want to distribute white pages directories to customers or publish an electronic directory online.

Some smaller companies will continue to publish the directories because they are still in demand.