Names of people with arrest warrants

Any acquittal or dismissal of the charge s does not necessarily negate the validity of an arrest.

To obtain the final disposition of any criminal charges, please contact the County Clerk of the Court Hernando. Local Warrants Report.

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The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions: 1. Case Number Warrant :. You can come into the office or search the web site.

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The Hernando Sheriff's Office cannot recommend a bail bond agent. This information should not be relied upon to determine a persons actual criminal record.

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This information does not reflect any charging decisions made by the State Attorney's Office nor does it relflect the outcome of any case. Any acquittal or dismissal of the charge s does not necessarily negate the validity of an arrest. Think about what a name might have sounded like when it was said aloud - for example, the Irish surname Powlett may have been recorded as Paulett or Pollett.

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  • Index entries for people with unknown surnames are included at the end of the spreadsheet that lists surnames L-Z. Victorian Sheriff's Office warrants Access information from historic warrants issued by the Victorian Sheriff's Office from to Get started Search the index Access original warrants.

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    • What is in the index? Using the index This spreadsheet is sorted alphabetically by surname, then first name.